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  • Heinz Marx
  • Wolfgang Hillerbrand
  • Walter Woitsch
  • Gerald Judmann
  • Heinz Kailbauer
  • Jürgen Kogler
  • Martin Gritsch
  • Martin Lojka

Heinz Marx

Heinz Marx is a founding member and managing director of Syngroup. Since 1995 he has progressed the firm’s internationalisation, and his contribution to furthering the development of the consultant knowledge base has been immense. He is the acknowledged expert at advising companies that have the necessary determination to look positively to the future. What does he find so exciting about this? Quite simply – the paucity of resources. After all, it’s only when you are good when the going gets touch that you can aspire to be a true master in your field. Inquisitive and far too impatient to go with the normal flow, as soon as his studies were completed he set off for California, and it was there he acquired a taste for the consultancy business. Ever since, he has been true to his calling. Nowadays it is the variety of new people he comes across which fascinates him in his life as a consultant.

Wolfgang Hillerbrand

Wolfgang Hillerbrand is the founder and a managing director of Syngroup. Together with his team he has completed a considerable number of challenging efficiency projects within the paper processing industry. The pinheads on the world map of his consultancy activities extend to its every corner: from Chile to St. Petersburg, and from Jordan to Ireland. It is only in these recent years that this qualified industrial engineer has once again experienced the pleasure to be obtained from global implementation of concepts, where efficiency can safeguard the future of sites and where all the cogs work in harmony. Before working in an independent capacity he had many years’ experience advising international industrial groups on their productivity. His pet subject is complex organisational structures and the operational management systems they require.

Walter Woitsch

Walter Woitsch is a partner at Syngroup and responsible for its operational ongoing business development. In-house he is frequently sought out for advice on questions of strategy, cost management and leadership. This qualified business administrator is an expert on intelligent innovation management in all its various forms. And he can also tell some thrilling stories about his many years’ experience in the building supplies’ and textile industries or his projects in the services and retail sector. But he is only really happy once his consultancy services lead to sustained improvements. And his clients are just as enthusiastic about his efficient work as he is. Prior to his arrival at Syngroup in 2002, he was at the Management Center St. Gallen, acquiring experience in other aspects of consultancy.

Gerald Judmann

Gerald Judmann is partner at Syngroup and responsible for IT matters. Rather unusually, his studies involved a combination of biomedicine and business IT. The combination of these two subjects is particularly helpful when advising on efficiency – every business organisation has its system corollary in the natural world, be it in the form of a tree, grid or ring structure. His pet passion, both within the firm and for clients, revolves around his integrated software solutions. The more complex the electronics and the data involved, the more he finds them attractive. His views are particularly sought after on start-up projects throughout the world. Before coming to Syngroup in 2002, he had accumulated valuable experience at Siemens on how large corporations function. Ever since then, he too knows that successful projects start with a client who is determined to see their implementation through.

Heinz Kailbauer

Heinz Kailbauer is a partner and is responsible for internal personnel development. He also looks after the ongoing development of internal expertise for international project management. What fascinates him are the quite simple solutions that are more efficient than their highly complex contenders. Since arriving at Syngroup in 2002, he has managed a wide range of projects across the world aimed at improving results. He claims it is pure chance that he has ended up at Syngroup. We call it a stroke of good luck. After all, someone who is always on the lookout for the quickest and shortest combination of escalators, lifts and walkways when changing planes at airports can’t go wrong at Syngroup. Before he arrived at Syngroup, this industrial engineer had acquired experience in technical sales and quality assurance. Working in an independent capacity has taught him to be systematic and have staying power. Not entirely useless on his extended mountain bike tours, we think!

Jürgen Kogler

Jürgen Kogler is a partner at Syngroup and responsible for its market development in Germany. His specialism is international mergers and acquisitions. And restructuring projects according to our own recipe. Reason enough why banks and medium-sized industrial companies in Austria and southern Germany constantly seek him out for advice. At the end of the day, he is a natural-born consultant. No wonder – he can after all draw on a wealth of experience built up over 15 years. We value the breadth of his vision. And our clients? They value his partnership-based approach. Not untypical of a trained change manager, we feel – you’ll notice it straightaway.

Martin Gritsch

Martin Gritsch is a partner at Syngroup and expert in the improvement of operating results and restructuring. Trained as an engineer and chemist, “there’s no such thing as can’t” is his motto – whether the aim is to make something more efficient, quicker or leaner. Fundamental to what he does is an exact understanding of how things work in practice. This is the only way to find solutions that are true to real-life situations and will actually succeed. Over the last 12 years spent advising countless industrial companies for Syngroup, he has proved this time and time again. Foods and packaging, metal processing and chemicals. The experience he brings from these different industries helps him think outside the box and deliver improvements – for your benefit as well.

Martin Lojka

Martin Lojka is a partner at Syngroup and an expert in operational excellence and the related fields of change and restructuring. His main focus is on the further development of our greatest treasures – human resources and knowledge. The desire to be a bit better each day than the day before is what drives him. This is what he works on, both for himself and, of course, for our clients. Even in his decision to devote himself to international business administration, a single wish was father to the thought – the search for the most efficient solutions. For more than 10 years now, it has taken him around the world and enriched his thoughts and actions. And now as then, he only lets go once he has found it – efficiency.