We should get to know each other
The right time to apply? Now!
We are looking for courageous, curious, committed people, people with experience, but also newcomers. The jobs at Syngroup are demanding and challenging, they always require courage to approach one-another. Now for example.
Our team works
Syngroup consultants are multilingual experts from 14 nations. They have completed studies in many disciplines, from technology and natural sciences to economics and languages. Even more important, however, is their strong team spirit, and their collaborative way of working.
Discovery Day
You want to get to know us better - and we want to get to know you better. That's why we intro-duced „Discovery Day“: You ask the questions. We answer. To get to know our work, you take on a task from a specific customer project yourself. We accompany you through the process. And then we decide together on the next steps. Ok?
You're the one!
We agree on everything? Welcome! That's how fast it can go: You move into your workplace, have a welcome drink (non-alcoholic) and attend your first project meeting with your new team collea-gues. Good luck!