Debora Iraca, trainee at Syngroup Italy, on her first experiences in consulting industry and how it changed her perspectives.
Debora, can you give us some information about your studies??

The course of study in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano that I am currently attending forms professional figures with multidisciplinary skills. The first year of studies is more focused on scientific, engineering and technical disciplines; the second and third years, on the other hand, direct the student more towards courses of economic, organizational and business management. At the end of the third year, you can choose to follow a project in the company, as I did, or to participate in a management workshop. At the end of the Bachelor’s Degree, the path continues with two years of Master’s Degree and students have wide room for choice of specialization.

Was Syngroup your first contact with the world of work?

Yes, for me the one with Syngroup was the first work experience linked to my university field of study.

What did you expect before starting?

My expectations were related to the possibility of getting to know consultancy closely, deepening the practical aspects of the world of work and learning to exploit the theoretical models that I studied in the classroom.

Consulting is a particular profession, what did you like about the way consultants work?

What struck me most about the way consultants work is undoubtedly the great adaptability, understood as the ability to work and interact in different contexts and with different people, as well as the perennial positive attitude towards innovations and new opportunities.

And what did you dislike instead?

Always following new projects with different companies, in consultancy you don’t always work in the same place but you move according to the job you have to participate in: in my opinion this is an aspect of this world that may not be suitable for everyone.

You participated in a project in the sector of the production of professional coffee machines. When you have a coffee at the bar, what comes to your mind while the bartender uses his machine?

The one that followed was a very interesting project also because surely now when I enter a bar I pay more attention to the quality of the coffee, the machines and how they are used to work. For example, I think of the steam wands present, the type of monitor used for dispensing coffee or, again, the material of the external panels.

In your opinion, what characteristics should a good consultant have?

In my opinion, a good consultant should be a person with great flexibility, to be able to fit into ever-changing situations; should be able to perceive difficulties and respond in an agile way to changes; should have great problem solving skills and be able to question and stimulate different perspectives within an organization.

And a good colleague?

In my opinion, trust is the basis in the relationship with a colleague, because it is the first step to be able to promote effective interpersonal communication, to build together and to relate with genuineness and empathy.


Is it a good working environment?

A good work environment should be characterized by a strong sense of shared responsibility, commitment, cohesion and harmony, as it is essential to tackle problems together and make collective goals prevail over individual ones.

Will you send us a CV when you finish university?

Sure, I’d love to!

Thank you very much.
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