Mr. Neumüller, may I ask what you studied? And would you study anything different today?

No. If I had to start again today, I would do exactly the same again. At the TU Vienna I studied technical mathematics up to my bachelor’s degree, then went to Stockholm and studied applied and computer mathematics at the Technical University. Then I specialized in the numerical solving of partial differential equations, did flow simulations and then also got a bit into wind energy.

I suppose mathematics was never your subject of fear.

No (laughs), I always liked mathematics very much, but I didn’t really know that I would study it. I only came to study mathematics by a funny coincidence. But I would do it again today.

Would you say that you are a born consultant? What attracts you to the industry?

I don’t know if I’m a born consultant. But what drives me is finding new solutions. I’m fascinated by innovation, by the fact that things are always evolving, never resting on a status quo. Something can still be improved, somewhere you can find a new solution. I think that’s exactly what distinguishes me as a consultant: the unconditional will to always improve everything and find new solutions.

And why did you end up with Syngroup? What convinced you?

I joined Syngroup through a friend. On the one hand I was interested in the fact that Syngroup is an industrial consultancy with a focus on the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, I particularly like the sustainability of my work. We go to a customer and work our way through all levels to understand the problem, from the machine operator to the packer on the machines. First we try to make the problem tangible for everyone, but then we also try to involve everyone in the solution process. And once we have found the solution, it has to be implemented in a second step. That’s hard work: Go back again and again, stand up alongside the people responsible, and say again and again, let’s do it together and then make sure it really happens, implement it step by step. Of course, the devil is often in the detail. You have to make a lot of adjustments, but follow-up doesn’t mean you just go there and say, this is our PowerPoint, do it like this. The point is to say: We have a solution. And we’ll implement it with you. I like this approach the best at Syngroup.

Is this also the point at which syngroup stands out from other consultancies??

Well, I haven’t been to any other consultancy. To be honest, I wasn’t attracted to it during my studies. Because consultants already had the reputation of telling you what you already know and, throwing out a power point presentation, and then making a run for it in the implementation phase. Whereas, on the other hand, because we – get really deep into the process and our offering also includes implementation, means we- have a much greater responsibility than most typical consultancies. We need to be convinced not only about our solutions, but above all their feasibility when it comes to implementation.

Georg Neumüller, Senior Consultant
What expectations do you have of Syngroup now? What do you expect to happen?

I believe that a great deal will continue to happen in the area of digitization. Be it in the area of data analysis, automation, new distribution channels and so on. Something is happening at every turn. I think it is enormously important for an influencial industrial consulting firm like ours to get onboard in the right way and stick to it.

Surfing at the top of the development.

Exactly. Of course, it’s always a tightrope walk between what’s a hot topic at universities or research institutes and what’s relevant for the customer. And that’s where we have to make the decision.

Now to something else, the nice ideal: work-life balance. How do you deal with stress? What do you do in your spare time?

I’m actually fine. Because I work a lot conceptually, I also spend a lot of time in Vienna. My girlfriend lives in Germany, so Syngroup helps me a lot that I can unite them. In this respect, I am in very, very good hands here. And in my spare time I play football once a week, on weekends I go hiking. So as far as my working hours are concerned, it‘s manageable.

Is there an area where you want to change the world, and if so, how do you see the opportunities?

The big challenges facing humanity today are digitisation and environmental issues. So we are not going to save the environment here, but in the area of digitisation we are developing systems that support people and make work easier without completely replacing people. It is about creating systems that work as well as possible for us and support our decision-making. And I believe that we can achieve this in our work through new solutions, special software applications, etcetera.

Are there also meaningful interactions between digitisation and environmental protection.

Sure, on the subject of saving the environment: We will not develop new types of batteries or open up new alternative sources of energy, but we are working with many customers to reduce energy consumption and transport. This is a big project for me. The bottom line is that if I can save 20-30 percent on energy costs, that will of course also benefit the energy balance and thus the environment.

Efficiency also helps the environment.

Yes, digital solutions or smart solutions are always environmentally friendly solutions.

I wish for Syngroup:

Exciting challenges.

To be a consultant means:

Constantly improving things, innovation.

The most important quality of a good consultant is:

Listening and solving problems.

My greatest strength is:


My colleagues appreciate me most of all:

Friendliness, helpfulness, competence.

The most exciting thing about international projects is:

Different countries, different cultures.

The Syngroup claim "The Efficiency Consultants" is for me:

Now almost too small. – For what we offer.

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