Case Study
SME - Small
& Medium Enterprises
€5m to €100m
annual turnover
Founder and/
or family owned and managed
Long term history
(up to 50+ years)
Service line
Restructuring, Investor Services
6-12 month
Syngroup Office
Munich / Germany
SME - Small & Medium Enterprises
Our clients are privately owned businesses, often with long histories, some spanning many decades who may have gone through many cycles of significant change.
  • Typically our clients are facing key strategic challenges, often in connection with current or anticipated major changes in their markets, sometimes as a result of technological innovation or recurring cyclical pressures. When this happens our clients may be forced to look at how best to right-size their businesses
  • When we are called in, our clients are well aware of their challenges but need help with creating solutions and implementation plans
  • Align all stakeholders – owners / senior-management – on the root-causes of the challenging situations they are in
  • Work with clients to develop solutions defined in terms of qualitative and quantitative benefits
  • Implement solutions and support senior-management along the journey
Focus area
Industry Suppliers
Metal processing
Polymer processing
Manufacturing equipment
IT service providers
Transportation & Logistics
Just in Time / Just in Sequence
Special Logistics
Commerce & Services
Retail & Wholesale
IT service providers
Hidden Champions
B2B and B2C niche market providers
Our Approach

Stage 1: Analysis

  • An in-depth analysis of seasonal variation and capacity utilisation in a special goods store was carried out with owners, senior-management and key operational managers. After clarifying the contribution-margins for various product segments which had partial influence on other business segments and vice versa, key stakeholders agreed on a financial model that would be used to evaluate potential, long-term, scenarios with and without investment in additional capacity.

Stage 2: Design for Investment Finance

  • The design phase was focussed on identifying the key parameters responsible for delivering an increase in capacity: after identifying the factors influencing growth-velocity and long-term earnings (10 yrs.) management were able to create comparative scenarios and use them as the basis for their decision making.
  • After developing a clear picture of the impact of different scenarios on financial performance, owners/senior-management were able to focus on identifying possible/suitable financing partners to support their preferred solutions – which is in many cases was not their long-time banking provider but a specialised financing or investment company.
  • During the final phase, the impact of the various investment scenarios on their ability to service debt and meet compliance of capital requirements at all times during the investment phase was presented to all parties – owners/top-management and financing partners.
Objective value-based scenarios to support decision-making
+€3.2m earnings after tax over 10 years vs. non-investment scenario
Analysis of capacity utilisation
Financial Modelling
ROI scenario analysis
Debt service calculation