Mr. Tys, may I ask you what you studied? And would you choose something different today?

I studied Business Administration. Twice, in Lviv, in the Ukraine, where I grew up, and at Passau University. I wouldn’t study anything else today. That turned out to be the right thing to do. Nevertheless, as a child I had dreamed of becoming a football player. (laughs)

And do you think you had a chance to succeed?

I think so, in an immodest way.

For your career this decision was certainly not a disadvantage.

That’s how it is.

What did you do before Syngroup? Where did you work?

I have always worked as a consultant since the end of my studies. First a few years in Germany, then I changed sides once and worked for a corporation on the customer side. Then I decided I wanted to return to consulting – and then came to Syngroup.

What appealed to you about being a consultant that you decided to come back?

Once you’ve tasted blood in the industry, experienced the drive on project work – I wouldn’t know where else you would experience such intensity. For me, the job of a consultant is unique: you see a lot of things and have to deal with a wide variety of tasks at all levels of the organisation. And you can achieve a lot within a short period of time. I was able to experience this “privilege” as a young man. It shaped me.

Rostyslav Tys, Senior Manager
And why did it ultimately become Syngroup? What - or who - convinced you?

Syngroup had – and still has – a very good reputation in the market. On the one hand, Syngroup‘s low turnover compared to other consulting firms was an important aspect, on the other hand I found the good atmosphere in the company very appealing. Syngroup people are not the sort who elbow their way to the top. This was known in recruitment circles. And it was confirmed. On the other hand, Syngroup is very active in the CEE region.

If you compare your expectations at the beginning of your work at Syngroup with the expectations you now have: How do they differ? What would you like to happen next?

To be honest, I haven’t reflected that much so far. Since the job in consulting was not new territory for me, I knew what it was going to be like by and large: very exciting, but also extremely demanding, intensive and therefore exhausting. Anyway, everything I heard about Syngroup has been confirmed.

What do I expect from the future? I think it’s more important for me now to play my part in the further development of the company and to help shape it.

You speak many languages. Please tell me how this came about.

Well, many is relative. For me, the yardstick is somewhat different. I speak five languages: German, English of course, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian. We had to learn these languages in Soviet times. I can speak these five languages, but I studied in Passau with boys and girls who knew eight or ten languages. That’s a completely different number. My language skills are very modest in comparison.

I see. Another topic: work-life balance. A demanding job, with the need to travel abroad, also a family. How do you manage that?

That’s an art in itself. I have two children. The family gets a too little of my time, unfortunately that’s what you have to say. I also lead an active charitable life. I’m quite deeply involved in the Ukrainian community in Vienna – and with a working week of sixty or seventy hours, there shouldn’t be any time left for something like this. But still.

But there are two sides to the coin here: In contrast to other well-known consulting firms, Syngroup doesn’t expect you to work all night. At Syngroup this isn‘t a yardstick for being a good consultant. That’s what we keep telling our younger colleagues.

I wish for Syngroup:

A successful continuation of the previous intensive growth.

To be a consultant means:

The opportunity to make a difference within a short period of time. And do so in different companies and industries, with different people.

The most important quality of a good consultant is:

To be versatile.

A good client is distinguished above all by one thing:

The ability to know themselves.

My greatest strength is:

To bring about or implement changes in companies.

My colleagues appreciate me most of all:

You should ask my colleagues that

The most exciting thing about international projects is:

Again, the diversity.

The Syngroup claim "The Efficiency Consultants" is for me:

Working efficiently in every respect. To help our customers become more efficient and continue to find ways to optimize their operations.

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