I wish from Syngroup

… varied projects and the opportunity for continuous personal development.

To be a consultant means

… always to adapt to new situations and different people.

A good consultant is characterised above all by

… love of detail without losing sight of the big picture.

A good client is destinguished above all by

… a clear vision and openness to jointly develop and implement ideas to achieve goals.

My greatest strengths is

… my analytical way of working paired with empathy.

My colleagues appriciate me most of all

… pooh! Maybe I should ask them that to be able to answer this question concretely.

The most exciting thing about international projects is

… leaving your own cultural comfort zone offers a lot of room for inspiration.

The biggest challenge for me as a consultant in the last 2,5 years was

… to compensate for the lack of personal contact – but it was probably not only consultants who felt this way.

Positive changes for me during the pandemic

… that my ecological footprint has been significantly reduced.

The Syngroup Claim “The Efficiency Consultants“ is for me

… only one aspect of our daily work.

I wish for Syngroup

… to continue to maintain the special corporate culture and especially the team spirit in future development.

What I really want to get off my chest

… I would like to emphasise how super flexible the work is for me as an employee at Syngroup.

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