Case Study
Improved technical performance with eco-friendly technology
Find and test a new production process to remove Chromium Hexavalent (EC REACH regulation)
Service Line
Business Transformation
24 months
Syngroup Office
Transition to
an eco-friendly
manufacturing process

Our client designs, manufactures and sells cutting edge products within the Aerospace & Defense Industry. Its main production plant is a 180,000 sqm facility.

Syngroup were asked to support the company in finding and testing a new production process to remove Chromium Hexavalent from the process; which is a substance that the EU is considering banning due to its bad environmental & health effects. Due to strict specification, complexity and very expensive field testing it was agreed to a trial sample, whose shape was increasingly more representative of the final product.

  • find the right specialists to develop their part of the electroplating process with Syngroup acting as a system integrator;
  • create a teamwork environment between the specialists to simplify the “Out of the box” thinking with the aim to reach the Clients’ specification;
  • manage time, cost and relations (EU based) to provide the client a turn-key solution;
  • collect, analyze, compare tests results and define the improvement path.
Focus areas
R&D process management
Long term strategy
Step by step improvement
Our Approach
  • Set the challenge: Syngroup’s first task was to define the number of test sessions with a design increasingly more representative of the final product. We also defined together with the Client the number of samples needed, the logistics to move those sensible samples across Europe, the testing lab to measure the results and the UNI Norm to refer in order to evaluate the results.
  • Once the targets and process were defined, Syngroup acted as the key steer, to build the relationship between all of the stakeholders under a back-to-back confidentiality agreement, filtering the specialist, classified information of the Client.
  • Then, Syngroup defined the specifications for all of the devices involved in the processing of the samples, balancing costs and flexibility, led the construction of the devices and coordinated the delivery to the processing lab.
  • Syngroup also managed the execution of the new process at the Lab. This was done by defining the parameters required to control the critical control points. Consultants also wrote extensive technical analysis to allow the Client to understand the difference between the “as is” and the “to be” stages.
  • After the completion of the test sessions, the Client has decided to enter into a 10-year development path in order to bring utilize the technology on their final product. The long duration of the project is compliant with tough constraints within the industry where the Client plays.
Elimination of CrVI component (EC REACH regulation)
Delivered overperformance in metal specification
Avoid components redesign