Case Study
Rapid Assessment with High-Impact
Recovery and Restructuring Plan
Service line
Operational Excellence / Restructuring
Syngroup Office
Vienna / Austria
Our client is a European, mid-sized, company specialising in contract filling and bottling for pharma and chemicals customers.

Due to market pressures and increasing cost of manufacturing, our client was faced with a challenging financial situation.
On the recommendation of one of our long-standing clients, Syngroup was invited to assess the situation and also develop and implement a ‘restructuring’ plan to get the business back on its feet. Our client felt that an external party would be able to provide the necessary level of challenge, insight and experience needed to address financial and operational challenges, rapidly.

  • To provide expert opinion on the client’s situation – both financial and operational.
  • To develop a rapid results plan based on the identification and prioritisation of key issues and improvement levers.
  • To take unnecessary cost out of the business as quickly as possible.
  • To create a foundation for ongoing improvement.
Focus area
Manufacturing & Warehousing
Production planning
Product flow
Production reporting
Warehousing / Inventory Management
Level of expertise
Cost – Margin and Sales increase
Our Approach
  • Rapid mobilisation – Syngroup mobilised a team at short notice and had the team up and running within a couple of days.
  • ‘Walk-throughs’ were conducted at each of two locations. Using a range of methodologies and assessment tools, we were able to quickly identify and prioritise a range of issues and potential opportunities.
  • Assessment and observational data was combined with historic data to provide a comprehensive view of key issues and opportunities
  • The assessment identified many gaps and weaknesses, some of which were aligned to observations made during site visits and in discussions with responsible staff.
  • Syngroup worked closely with an IDWS 6 expert to create the restructuring plan required by financing institutions. Syngroup’s work was instrumental in providing the recovery plan needed to support the restructuring case.
  • A comprehensive restructuring plan
  • Findings and recommendations were summarised into regular client updates to ensure buy-in and commitment to change
  • KPIs introduced to provide transparency in finished goods stocks, production planning, usage of raw materials and quality
Change in local Management
Restructuring of the company
Identified ‘Red-flags’ despite limited time to assess topics
  • Sales & Operational Planning
  • Cost calculation
  • LEAN
  • ABC Analysis