Case Study
Plastic Packaging
c. $1.6m Annualised
Service line
Digital Transformation, Business Excellence
2 years
Syngroup Office
Vienna / Austria
US, 11 sites
Plastic Packaging
Our client is a global manufacturer of plastic packaging employing extrusion blow-moulding and injection-moulding technologies.

The company operates >170 production sites in 45 countries , employing c. 20,000 people.
Our client operates machines in “multi-machine” mode where one operator is responsible for up to 3 machines. This has advantages, however if problems arise on one or more machines, the operator may not be aware, particularly if he or she is already engaged on another task. Multiple problems also require prioritisation to ensure the right problem is tackled first.
In looking for a solution, our client turned to ‘Digitalisation’ for answers.

  • Develop a solution that provides an operator with an ‘overview’ of machine status, including alarms and other warnings irrespective of their physical location. This to include the capability to “push” notes and tasks to the machine operators
  • Design and develop a system capable of measuring and recording machine data to enable both real-time visualisation of performance as well as post-event problem-solving
Focus area
Identification and acquisition of machine data
Real-time data visualisation
Machine alarms and warnings
Rules-based system
Issue prioritisation
Our Approach
  • Our role was to support and project manage the development of an integrated technology solution. In this capacity we acted as SCRUM Master, co-ordinating and leading the design and development process. We worked closely with our client to identify the data needed to impact waste, downtime and production rate.
  • In addition Syngroup developed the specification and event-based rules for the automated system which sends notes back to the operator. The overriding principle was to develop a solution that was focussed on delivering tangible benefits and savings.
  • The solution was developed around a central ‘hub’ or control room concept which is connected to all sites. Data captured at machine level is fed to the hub enabling real-time monitoring of machine status.
  • Alarms and warnings are monitored by control-room operators and supported by the automated notes system which sends actions back to a machine operator’s tablet, alerting them to problems. In addition the system sends requests directly to maintenance if an intervention is required.
  • Machine data is also used extensively to analyse performance to drive continuous improvement
The solution has delivered a step-change to conventional “multi-machine” operation, using technology to assist an operator to act appropriately in a given situation and calling for additional support if required.
Over a two year period, the benefit associated with more rapid and prioritised response was estimated to be in the region of $1.6m
Digitalisation is a journey and our client continues to learn and improve.
  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Process Mapping / Design
  • Project Management