Case Study
In-depth analysis in 10 days
Perform a strategy check in changed business conditions in the Covid / Ukraine Crisis Scenario
Service Line
Business Transformation - Strategy Check
10 Days
Syngroup Office
In-depth strategy-analysis: Market, Competitiveness, Technology in crisis scenarios

Our client is a leading investment group in Europe with industrial skills and operational focus.

Syngroup was contacted to perform a quick strategy check in the changed business conditions. In fact, the Covid19 first and the crisis in Ukraine immediately after caused serious uncertainties on the procurement of raw materials, and on energy costs. Doubts emerged about the robustness of the offer to the market – both in terms of prices and in terms of range, on the technological trajectory, on the intentions for growth through acquisitions and, last but not least, on the consistency of the capex already approved and in the implementation phase.

  • Provide the fund management with a detailed qualitative / quantitative analysis on the company’s position in the changed business conditions
  • Highlight the areas at greatest risk
  • Provide district insights that are not observable through institutional communication
Our Approach

Syngroup collected data, processed effects and assembled the document using both internal benchmarks and the perspectives of industry professionals.

Analysis content:

  • the brand, the products, the range, the cost of marketing the distribution channels;
  • the variation in the unit costs of production (increase in the cost of energy), of inbound logistics (reduction of the availability of raw materials) and of distribution logistics (increase in the cost of containers and transport in general);
  • the plants and their scalability, the maturity of technical resources, the potential of operational excellence methodologies;
  • the worldwide distribution of potentially competing plants, the value and potential of the sector districts, the attitude of competitors, the technological areas being explored;
  • the opportunities of M&A
  • the limits and opportunities of one’s DNA and relationships on the supply side and on the sales side.
SWOT analysis
Professional network of the ceramic sector
Deep analysis in 10 days