Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum standard by which every employee, as an equal member of the company, contributes to a positive and professional working environment within Syngroup. It represents the core values of our company and is always guided by respect in dealing with fellow human beings and the environment. On the one hand, the company management is committed to creating the framework conditions for compliance with the Code, and on the other hand, all employees are required to respect and comply with the principles of integrity, cooperation and ethical behaviours.

We see all of this as a prerequisite for our common goal of creating added value for our clients, employees and society every day. The following core values, to which we are committed, are intended to give our stakeholders a clear idea of what Syngroup stands for and stands up for.
I n t e g r i t y &
E t h i c s

HONESTY & TRANSPARENY: We always act honestly and transparently in all business matters. Our information, experience and knowledge are passed on correctly and completely.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We protect information from clients and their employees. This information is not passed on without authorisation:

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: We disclose potential conflicts of interest and prevent personal interests from influencing objective advice.

P r o f e s s i o n a l i t y

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: We place client needs at the centre of our activities. To this end, we proactively approach our clients and offer customised solutions.

QUALITY: Our products and services stand for the highest quality and can fulfil the high expectations of our clients in every respect. Employees should continuously improve their skills and knowledge in order to consistently fulfil these quality requirements.

RESPONSIBILITY: We are responsible for our actions and our performance. We reinforce a culture of responsibility by appropriately challenging available information and thinking critically. We see mistakes as an opportunity to improve.
C o o p e r a t i o n &
T e a m s p i r i t

RESPECT: We are always respectful in our interactions with one another. Discrimination and harassment of any kind are not tolerated.

COMMUNICATION: We communicate clearly, effectively and respectfully. Active listening and constructive feedback are characteristics of our communication.

TEAM SPIRIT: We work together in teams, exchange ideas and learn from each other. Openness and helpfulness are the principles of our collaborative work. Our positive team culture increases the quality of our joint services.

CORPORATE CULTURE: We stand for an open corporate culture in which diversity and inclusion are practised. We endeavour to be diverse and to treat colleagues of different genders, backgrounds or beliefs without distinction.

S t a f f
D e v e l o p m e n t

CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT: We provide the necessary resources for the continuous development of professional and social skills and actively promote further training among each other by passing on knowledge.
C o m p l i a n c e &
L e g a l i t y

LEGAL CONFORMITY: We comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Social norms are observed and illegal or unethical practices are not tolerated.

DATA PRIVACY: The protection of personal data is of the utmost importance - we ensure that legal data protection guidelines are complied with and take the necessary measures to protect any data from unauthorised access.

REPORTING OF INFRINGEMENTS: We make it possible to report violations of legal provisions, obligations under this Code of Conduct or unethical behaviour in general. We report violations of any kind (conflicts of interest, corruption, bribery, fraud, etc.) immediately. In addition, we guarantee the protection of whistleblowers and do not tolerate reprisals of any kind against whistleblowers.

BUSINESS RELATIONS: we expect our business partners to comply with applicable laws and regulations and encourage them to introduce behavioural guidelines that meet key ethical requirements.

E n v i r o n m e n t a l
a w a r e n e s s &
e c o l o g i c a l
r e s p o n s i b i l i t y

SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to acting in an environmentally conscious manner and practise the sustainable use of resources. To this end, we are prepared to reduce the negative ecological impact of our business activities beyond the minimum legal standards or, where possible, to avoid it altogether.

REGIONALITY: We strengthen regional supply chains by carefully selecting local suppliers. In our selection process, we always ensure a fair decision-making process by incorporating objective criteria.

The Executive Board of Syngroup AG

This Code of Conduct reflects the basic attitude of Syngroup Management Consulting AG. However, it cannot be understood as a basis for demanding certain behaviour from Syngroup or for establishing contractual claims against the company.

Dieser Unternehmenskodex spiegelt die Grundhaltung von
Syngroup Management Consulting AG wider. Er kann jedoch nicht als
Grundlage dafür verstanden werden, von Syngroup ein bestimmtes Verhalten zu fordern oder vertragliche Ansprüche gegen das Unternehmen zu begründen.
Reporting Chanel
for Whistleblowers
If you discover misconduct or non-compliance with this Code of Conduct or unlawful behaviour that affects Syngroup Management Consulting AG or the well-being of Syngroup employees, please report it via our reporting platform:

Link: Syngroup Whistleblower System