Case Study
Tender strategy and preparation for an Italian railway operator
Change of the tender strategy and preparation of the public tender for the supply of services
Service Line
Business Transformation - Operations
Syngroup Office
Change of tender strategy for clients maximum flexibility and necessary transparency for the supplier

Our client is an important Italien railway operator.

The client expressed the need to draw up a technical specification for the use of services relating to a sector that is not specially supervised by the client itself. Syngroup was called to support in this path.

  • Quickly present specifications to management for signature that can meet the company’s needs for supply flexibility, but also ensure transparency to potential participants
  • Train the work team “on the job”
Our Approach

In the initial phase of the project, the working team was defined, which Syngroup wanted to be composed of several people from different functions (legal, commercial, IT, …). This decision proved to be beneficial as it allowed to work on several fronts in parallel and reduce the time required to prepare tenders.

After the selection of the work team, Syngroup managed the project with special attention:

  • Clarity and unambiguity of the tender notice with regard to both the technical aspects of the supply and the rules of the customer-supplier relationship
  • Anticipation of critical issues that also affect functions not represented in the work team
  • Exploration of the market object of the tender in order to avoid increasing sensitivity in the definition of the tender specification
  • Enhancing the announcement with diagrams, charts and tables to make the text more understandable
  • Ensure rapid approval and publication of the tender notice
Supply market analysis
Cross-functional sharing of tender content
"Contract writing" techniques