I wish from Syngroup

… to maintain our corporate culture.

To be a consultant means

… that every week is different and you are always faced with new challenges.

A good consultant is characterised above all by

… challenging everything and being sensitive when communicating with the client.

A good client is destinguished above all by

… when cooperation is a given.

My greatest strengths is

… puh, my open-minded nature?

My colleagues appriciate me most of all

… I think my reliability.

The most exciting thing about international projects is

… getting to know new cultures and ways of working.

The biggest challenge for me as a consultant in the last years was

… balancing studies and a full-time job.

Positive changes for me during the pandemic:

… flexibility in terms of place and time of work.

I wish for Syngroup

… that we remain on course for success.

What I really want to get off my chest:

… What I really appreciate about Syngroup is that individual needs such as studies, family, etc. are taken into account. That is not a matter of course!

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